S    k    i    l    l    e    d   C    a    r    e     


Design                    Incorporating elements from Nature and anticipating growth and texture, scale and color 

Maintenance        Monthly  Bi monthly   Weekly Meticulous Garden Care

Irrigation                Repair  Installation of drip and in-line emitters

Expert Hand Weeding    Each weed yanked by the root, hindering re-infestation

One Time Clean-Up        Seasonal Chores done with panache, leaving your  G a r d e n  refreshed, renewed

Party Prep           Instant B e a u t y   Color   Excitement for your Occasion

Aesthetic Pruning           Seasonal   Artistic  Natural Shaping and Pruning of  Med. Trees & Shrubs

Seasonal Care                   Fertilizing, Pruning, Deadheading and Cutting-Back Old Growth  Invisible Cuts

Container Gardens         Beauty Abbondanza!  Containers that overflow with  B e a u t y 

Real Estate Garden Staging        Curb Appeal   Architectural Enhancement    Immaculate Presentation   Design

Soil Amend                        Compost, Nutrients added to the soil and soaked in near and around plants ensuring Performance

Terraces                              Wind-loving Containers, sturdy elegantly structured foliage, mottled B e a u t y 

Rooftop Gardens           Maintained   Designed   Object Placement    Optimizing B e a u t y & Accessibility

Tiered Gardens                 Soil Retention    Planting Strategy    Design Concepts

Decks                                    Relaxing, Inviting abodes   Balance and Interest  B e a u t y

Garden Renewal            Complete Reveal    Plants reduced to scale    Structure &  Lines revealed   Garden Renaissance

Seasonal Interest              Add Color   Boulders   Object Placement      Migration of Focus

Rose Care                            Pruning Feeding & Shaping your babies  

Object Placement             Natural Placement  of  Objects     Optimum Impact   B e a u t y